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Artwork by Thomas Neel




Previous Paintings

In 1987 I set out on an artistic and creative journey. It was one of becoming a thriving fine artist who would evolve over time, explore new styles, and seek endless creative endeavors. I have been happy to create a body of high-quality artwork and just as important to me, is to have created wonderful relationships with my clients, many who have become life long friends. As I write this, we are close to welcoming the new decade beginning with the year of 2020 vision!

I want you to know, as you may be considering my art or thinking about commissioning me to paint for you, that I have lived and painted mostly in Virginia and Europe. Somewhat recently, we purchased a home in North Carolina and so, naturally, it will become an influence.

Please feel free to contact me about any of the artwork you see here or any commission ideas you may have in mind. As I travel, it is best to do so first through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you,

Commissioned Art

Commissioning a painting is a personal experience. I feel as an artist; this process is about you and what you want. It is essential for you to not only feel comfortable but comfortable expressing your thoughts and wishes. Most of all, I want you to enjoy and feel comfortable with the process. Years of experience allows me to listen to you and ask the right questions.

Over three decades of creating fine art paintings are not without evolution, and certainly, this is the case with my paintings. I am an artist who believes in creative growth and discovery. I have explored work in pencil, watercolor, and acrylic, but have through the last fifteen years or more, been most known for my work in oil. But I have always used each medium as a tool. In other words, I chose mediums because of their characteristics and the results I will get from them, not because they are trendy. The average customer misunderstands most mediums, but I make every effort to choose and educate my customers with what I feel is best to accomplish their wishes.

Please also look at my corporate area for your business or office needs.

Along with this, I have successfully worked in several styles, which include realism, whimsical realism, graphic and modern or abstract. I have done so with pleasing results, praised for my customer communication, following through, having your painting done in a timely manner (usually in six weeks or even less), and with a strong belief in customer service.

The quotes seen here are a testimony to his success in creating happy clients, and the wide variety of examples will hopefully show your range of possibilities. Be it for your home, office, for him or her, anniversary gift, birthday present, retirement memento, you name it, landscapes and certainly much, much more.

As I travel a fair amount these days, it is always best to first contact me with your inquiry through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can set a time to talk on the phone. I look forward to speaking with you.

Corporate Art

Corporate spaces are about image and atmosphere. Image primarily affects those who visit your space and atmosphere affects mostly those on the team that work there every day. Many corporations turn to modern art because it often has no distinguishable narrative. In other words, the walls aren’t blank anymore, and there’s less fear of the art defining the company. With realism, a narrative is often established through the subject matter. I paint both. Most important is that art can be a powerful tool in your company’s overall feel to both those who visit and those who work there.

As examples, Focus Wealth Management is located in the Virginia countryside and caters to that clientele. Their clients feel an ease through the painting they chose of mine as it represents life in the country. Lockheed Martin commissioned me to create a painting of their F-35 Joint Strike Fighter which I then also reproduced into high-quality prints for their project partners including Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems. This is the kind of the one-two punch a commissioned painting can bring. The artwork was also used as a larger reproduction in their experience center near Washington, D.C. Chef extraordinaire and The Inn at Little Washington owner, Patrick O’Connell and I have collaborated on many creative projects. “Onward & Upward” was a painting created to celebrate his company’s 30th Anniversary, and then I was chosen again to create his 40th Anniversary painting. Both of which were used extensively to market the company well after these special occasions.

Most importantly, I treat corporate business as a person of business, with excellent customer service and communication. Be it your corporate space, the perfect retirement gift or presentation, I know you’ll be pleased. I ask you to look at some of the examples and quotes below in your consideration for meaningful art for your space. Then feel free to contact me directly to explore your possibilities: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Some corporate Clients include: Creighton Farms, Boston based Southworth Development, Lockheed Martin, The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation, Ferrari-Maserati-Lamborghini Washington, Winchester Medical Center, Van Metre Homes, Focus Wealth Management, Wolf Trap Park, The Inn At Little Washington, Salamander Resort & Spa, Bugatti North America, The Middleburg Eccentric, The Hill School and more.