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The Power of Love

| Thomas Neel
25 years together!
Today Linda and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I don’t share this just to make an announcement. I really do so because ours is the story of Live An Artful Life, which actually dates back to the late ’80s when a much younger new artist (me), walked into a much younger gallery owner’s gallery in Leesburg, Virginia. Yes, Linda’s. What developed was more than a loving relationship. It has also sincerely been a creative partnership.

I can only imagine anyone reading this blog to be caring for creativity. It matters not if you are an artist or simply one who enjoys the benefits of creative enrichment. I want you to know our lives together has not only been as husband and wife, or as fellow artists, but as two people who have searched for creative enrichment and found it a greater understanding of it through each other.

Could we have imagined some 25 years after our “I do’s” that this quarter-century landmark would arrive in the middle of a pandemic and lockdown? No, we could not, and yes there were bigger plans. But as such, our morning began with the textile artist “Linda” giving me a wonderful anniversary card that she sewed by hand. In turn, “me” the writer, gave her a long letter.  Simple gestures, creatively created by two people who have endlessly inspired each other in the most artistic ways.

On this day, I hope that you are creative or mindful of creativity. But above all, I hope that you have the love and support of someone like Linda to inspire you to be immersed into a life of it!

Live an artful life,


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