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| Linda Hendrickson

Exuberance is a trait I've noticed in Oliver, my new puppy, and one I'd like to translate into art. By breaking the word down, letter by letter I think we can all create and enjoy art with this characteristic!

E is for the excitement he exhibits when looking forward to his food, playtime or a chance to meet someone new. Are we as artists looking forward to a day in the studio with joy and excitement? Oliver gives an extra pounce as he gets to his feeding spot. Do we pounce on our work? 

X could be the deleting
of anything not working for us and the retraining to put distractions (like shoes) out of reach. Maybe to translate into my studio world it is discipline to keep the social media limited. I generally work on a half dozen pieces at once, would it be better to limit the number so I'm forced to get them past the ugly stage and across the finish line?

U is understanding how the mind is working and communicate with clarity. Keeping it simple and clear adding complexity with texture. Take note, distinguish, discern, fathom are all wrapped up in the translating of an idea into art.

B and E are for the Butterfly Effect which I have been noticing more and more. An example would be from Oliver's first art show (fall 2018 Art at the Mill). He is a show-stopper all by himself and I met lots of people as a result of him. Those of us who are introverts or shy step out of our shells for a puppy. One artist I met was BJ Dickhute and her husband.  She showed me her art since I find it much easier to remember an artist when I can associate their art with them. Just as I moved on, I noticed a gentleman was buying one of BJ's pieces and I asked if he'd like to meet the artist? YES! The touch of exuberance for the artist and the patron was an absolute joy to witness!

R is rich. Rich is an attitude of gratitude and recognizing we have enough to give away. Our creator has granted us everything necessary to produce with exuberance in our special, unique voice.

A is creating with abandon and alacrity. We don't know what if, and how until we experiment or try a new approach.

N is for the nerve to speak your own language without consideration of trying to please anyone else. N is also for seizing the moment, NOW!

C is cheerfulness. For me, cheerfulness comes in the palate of "happy colors". There isn't anything which brings a smile faster than a bright blue sky, verdant green lawn, the fluorescent glow on a butterfly wing or flower petal and the turquoise of a glacial fed lake.

E for enthusiasm, energy, eagerness are all traits that can be faked until they are real. How often have I headed down to the studio with a lag in my step and ended up forcing myself to leave after hours of enjoying the paint time? What about YOU?This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. what you find easiest or most difficult about showing exuberance?

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